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I Participated in My First Twitter Pitch Last Week

I’ve pitched before.

Once, my wife and I got up in front of studio executives and ran through our story for a feature script. I’ve also been in rooms with other professional writers where we were brought in to pitch ideas on how to make something better or funnier.

Last week, however, was both my first time participating in a Twitter pitch and the first time I attempted to create a mood board.

Here’s the screenshot to one of my pitch posts:

You can see the actual update here.

Despite the fact that I didn’t get any likes from agents or editors, the event itself was a lot of fun. So much support and positive feedback from other writers. And I already know I need to not be using two 40-year-old movies as my comps for the next one.

Yeah… that happened.

It was actually a really good experience even just for that, because it taught me that finding comps may be a bit of a challenge, and I really need to spend some time on it.

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