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Belated Bragging (the Best Kind!)


Hey there! Long time no see.

I vanished into the everyday chaos of having your own business and trying to push two kids out the door five days a week, as well as the annual chaos that is Nanowrimo (more on that in another post).

Anyway, hi.

Remember that contest I mentioned in my last post — Fall Writing Frenzy? There was a piece of flash fiction attached. With a hammock and some boys and hopefully surprise scariness? It’s right here. Any of this ringing a bell? No?

Cool. Cool.

Well (readies horn to toot), I was one of the winners this year! (Realizes he does not know how to play a horn. Surreptitiously sets it aside.) I even get to put up this cool banner!

And probably should have put it up on what used to be that bird site and done some more tooting there, but my social presence comes in waves.

I’m working on it.

Let’s flip this on its head, though. The fact that I’m posting this so late will mean a nice little boost for Fall Writing Frenzy and all of the winners at a time when most people have moved on. Because of all the people who… read this….

Okay. Well, whatever. Maybe someone will see it. If not, it’s a great way to avoid doing the work I should be doing.

So, who won this year? (Note: I wish I could link to everyone, but some people didn’t include sites and it was tough to confirm I was linking to the correct person. If I did get someone wrong — or you know the link to someone’s site or social that I missed — please let me know!)

Kathleen MacEachern – The Wrong Potion!
Margaret Winikates – Leaf Dance
Jess Russo – When Witches Drink Coffee
Katie Mahood – Immortal Pumpkin
Neema Jn.Baptiste-Fontenelle – When Fall Rolls Around
Jan Schwaid – What Carolina Said
Theresa Tyree – Naranja
Adriana Gutierrez Loza – The Spirit of the Hamaca
Thelia Hutchinson – Mama Dearest
Claudine Pullen – The Forest Fortune Tellers
Betsy McGovern – Chrysalis and Crumbs
Mia Geiger – Hay Day
Morgan Lau – Jackie O’Lantern
Julie Brydon – Less Traveled By
Laura Wippell – I am a leaf

A very belated congrats to all the winners!


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